You’ll work closely with your TomiPlan team to establish a comprehensive plan that’s customized to your lifestyle and unique goals. Tell us where you want to go. We’ll do the research, crunch the numbers and show you the different ways you might get there. We’ll discuss the risks for all the various options, help you find creative solutions and be your accountability partner when you’re ready to implement.



Comprehensive Planning

What do we mean by comprehensive planning? The collective experience of the TomiPlan team is here to cover your blindspots. As part of your initial onboarding process you’ll work with your team to enter all of the necessary information into your Client Portal to build out your plan. Our model covers more than just investments and taxes, we’ll go over every part of your life that impacts your finances including life expectancy, behavior, goals, wishes, your desired legacy and topics that you likely wouldn’t have considered to be important. This is where you can really leverage the years of specialty experience of your team to make a truly comprehensive, dynamic plan that’s customized to you.

Our Team Based Approach

Your planning team consists of a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and a group of highly trained specialists to ensure optimal oversight of your plan and to keep things moving along. They’ll help you determine your baseline and define your goals during the initial build out of your plan. Your CFP will then provide you with high level recommendations and a schedule for implementation. Your team will be available to help you understand the recommendations, ensure you know how to navigate your Client Portal, update your plan in response to life changes throughout the year and will coordinate the implementation of your plan with your external professionals as necessary.


The success of your plan is determined by action. Your team will be your accountability partners every step of the way. They’ll help you schedule the necessary touch-points for implementation of the plan recommendations and communicate the details to your other professionals to ensure that everyone is working in alignment with your goals.

Impartial Advice

TomiPlan is a subscription-based financial coaching firm. You can expect to pay a one time set-up fee and an affordable monthly subscription that’s determined by your ultimate planning needs and the complexity of your plan. TomiPlan does not sell any financial products and is never paid on commission. This allows us to fulfill our fiduciary standards and offer truly holistic advice that’s always in your best interest and unique goals.


Your TomiPlan team coordinates your planning recommendations with all of your financial professionals. Why is this important?

Traditionally, financial planning is undertaken by financial professionals who work in highly specialized, but siloed parts of the industry. These professionals are often in a position to only offer advice that’s relevant to the products and services that they sell. While typically well educated and intentioned, this structure is often not in the best interest of the client. By coordinating with you and TomiPlan we put your professionals in a position to benefit from the intensive planning activities we’ve undertaken and allow them to work in alignment with your goals.

We’ll help you schedule the appointments, communicate the recommendations effectively and give you a second opinion before you commit to any major investments. You can even authorize third party access to your Client Portal to give your chosen professionals the ultimate access to your plan. If you don’t have a professional in a particular area we can recommend someone from our referral network of highly ethical financial professionals. By working cooperatively rather than competitively we ensure that everyone wins.


At TomiPlan, we believe that knowledge is power and we want to share what we’ve learned with the world in such a way that anyone who wants to learn can achieve financial success. A TomiPlan subscription is an investment in your financial education. It’s important to us that you have a good understanding of your planning recommendations so that you feel empowered to take action. In addition to the frequent touch-points and meetings with your team you’ll receive access to webinars and educational content from a wide range of internal and external academic experts and professionals with diverse backgrounds.

CFP Standards

Why is it important to work with a Certified Financial Planner?

  • CFP are held to a fiduciary standard which means they are required by the CFP board to only give advice that’s in the client’s interest.
  • CFPs are trained across a wide breadth of financial specialties meaning that they can give truly comprehensive advice.
  • CFPs go through a rigorous educational program and must pass a standardized test to receive the designation.
  • CFPs are governed by a code of ethics and standards maintained by the CFP board which can relinquish the designation if there are complaints.

Your Client Portal

TomiPlan utilizes smart tech solutions to illustrate the art of financial planning and your specific recommendations. You’ll have access to a robust Client Portal that was programmed by a team of highly credentialed financial professionals with PhDs and years of experience across a broad range of financial specialties to allow you to see the big picture through a realistic lens. You can link your accounts for real-time tracking and budgeting, review the goals and recommendations established with your team and see how changes to the plan will impact your probability of success in the Play Zone. Additionally, TomiPlan will never mine your data and sell it to someone else. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that your portal is secure and private. Nobody has access to your data unless you authorize it.